Veterans Day Message from Angela Brightfeather and the TAVA Board of Directors

On November 8, 2013

Dear Transgender American Veteran Members and Friends,

As Transgender Veterans, we have a special bond regardless of when or where we served or which branch of service we served in. We Transgender Veterans represent a small percentage of those that have served our nation’s military, but we have done so with honor and distinction, often without recognition or acknowledgement.

This Veterans Day is a day that we at the Transgender American Veterans Association wish to dedicate to you and your families, for all the hard work and sacrifices you have made in order to serve this great country of ours. No one understands your commitment and dedication more than we and we hope that you will stand proud among us and salute those that served in silence.

We hope that you will take time out of your busy lives this Veterans Day weekend to help honor all Veterans and the families that support them. Many communities have Veterans Day parades or similar events and we hope that our Transgender Veterans take these opportunities to raise awareness of the role that Transgender Veterans have played.

While we encourage you to take the time to reflect on your military service, or the service of your family members, we also encourage you to share your stories of your military service so that the American people can have a better understanding of the role we have played in national defense and to keep our nation safe. Please feel free to share your stories and photos with us at and we will post them to our Website, .

On behalf of all Transgender Veterans, servicemen and women, I thank you for your service and commitment.


Angela Brightfeather


Transgender American Veterans Association

For questions please contact Dayna Walker at 813-504-6037 or

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