Laura Catherine Perry becomes newest addition to the TAVA Board of Directors

On January 10, 2014

Angela Brightfeather, President of TAVA, announced the addition of  Laura Catherine Perry to the Board of Directors.

Laura is a retired Air Force Major.  Laura grew up in a small New England town and was raised in a traditional catholic family. Laura is currently living on Florida’s Space Coast, in Melbourne, the Harbor City. 

Laura received her undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University in 1978 and a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia in 1981.  She entered the Air Force in June 1983, attending the Military Indoctrination for Medical Service Officers at Sheppard AFB in Witicha Falls, TX.  As a newly commissioned 1Lt, Laura was assigned to the Biomedical Sciences Corps as a Clinical Social Worker and worked in mental health and domestic violence.  Laura has also served in military medical treatment facilities within Strategic Air Command, US Air Forces in Europe, the US Air Force Academy, Air Combat Command and Air Force Space Command. While stationed at the home of the 1st Fighter Wing, Langely AFB, VA, Laura deployed to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia arriving 2 weeks after the Khobar Towers bombing where she led the AF mental health response to that terrorist attack. She subsequently re-deployed with the warfighters to Prince Sultan AB, joining the 55th Air Transportable Hospital from Offutt AFB, NE.  Laura retired in June 2003 and continues to support our military forces in her present position.

Laura also serves as the Coordinator of the Palm Center’s Trans-Military Advisory Committee, and has worked closely with the New Organizing Institute and OutServe-SLDN regarding transgender military service and veteran affairs.   Laura advocates the removal of barriers to transgender persons serving openly in the military service as well as improving conditions for transgender veterans and their families. 

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