On June 2, 2014

Transgender American Veterans Association
For Immediate Release
2 June 2014- (www.tavausa.org) Dayna Walker, Vice President of Transgender American Veterans Association, announced today the addition of TAVA Board Members Sage Fox and Mary Almy.
Fox will assume responsibilities for Outreach and Strategic Relationships while Almy will Chair Fundraising. “Sage has gained some recent attention on the West Coast as a result of her recent interviews regarding her military service,” Walker stated. “Sage has the distinction of being the first person to openly serve in the U.S. military in both her assigned gender at birth and her target gender.” Walker continued, “Mary also was elected to the board early this spring, but again, we wished to pull these announcements together with our re-launch and subsequent media blitz.”
Walker went on to explain that many of the projects TAVA has been working on were put on a temporary hiatus. “We actually had several board members go through their own GRS procedures at about the same time, and that, coupled with the recent media surrounding the VA and the pending HHS announcement, gave us reasons to proceed cautiously,” Walker stated.
TAVA has recently moved to expand its mission of securing Transgender Veteran healthcare within the Veterans Administration. Chief among these are expanded Transgender healthcare benefits within the VA and Department of Defense, advocating for Active Duty and Reserve Transgender military personnel to serve openly and expanded employment opportunities and protections for Transgender Veterans.
Almy holds a Bachelor of Science from Youngstown State University and served in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. She also has served as a Police Officer and Regional Development Director. She spent 13 years as a Regional Liaison in Sudan and Ethiopia for the Presbyterian Church.
Fox holds Bachelor of Science from Capella University and works in the IT field. She is a Captain in the United States Army IRR and has served at the Pentagon and with the 3rd Special Forces Group, among others.
For more information please visit, www.tavausa.org .
Media inquiries please contact media@tavausa.org or call 718-849-5665.

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