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Spreading News About LGBT



LGBT is the acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. A lesbian person is a female person that makes love to other female people. A gay person is any person either male or female who prefers to have sexual intercourse with people of the same sex. A bisexual person is a person who is sexually attracted to both male and female persons whereas a Transgender person is a person whose sexual identity is different from the sexual organ with which they were born. There are several types of people that spread the news about LGBT people. This includes journalists, bloggers, radio hosts, news broadcasters among others. There are several ways that a person can effectively spread the news about LGBT people, one of them is through the use of an e-mail mass messaging software. There are several e-mail software that can be used to spread the news about LGBT people they include:

1. Get Response E-mail Software:
The Get Response E-mail Software is a popular software for sending mass e-mails. This e-mail software has several great features which can make it very easy to spread the news about LGBT people. These great features include creating custom e-mail templates, creating leadpages, building and publishing unique landing pages, autoresponders among others. This is a great Email sender for spreading the news about LGBT people. Check out for more info.

2. Active Campaign E-mail Software:
Active Campaign is another email software that a person can use to spread news about LGBT people. There are several great features of this email software. One of them is that it is good for the creation of leadpages and landing pages. This is a great Email sender that consolidates and organizes your e-mail communication. This software can also be used for sending sms messages directly to mobile phones.

3. Zoho Campaigns E-mail Software:
Zoho Campaigns is another email software that is great for sending mass e-mails. This is a great Email sender for spreading news about LGBT people. There are several great features of this software. One of them is that it is very good in creating leadpages and landing pages. The Email software also allows you to create a subscriber list of people you intend to send emails to from time to time. Zoho Campaigns offer different types of email campaigns which include survey campaigns, e-commerce campaigns among others.

4. Infusionsoft Email Software:
The Infusionsoft Email Software is another great Email sender for spreading news about LGBT people. This email sender has several great features that optimize mass communication by e-mail. One of them is the provision of customizable email templates. This email software is great for the creation of leadpages and landing pages. This email software enables automation for marketing activities, it also has autoresponder features.

5. Rejoiner Email Software:
Rejoiner Email Software is a great Email sender for spreading news about LGBT people. This email sender has several great features for email automation. One of them is that it offers mailing list management allowing you to keep sending messages to the same set of people over and over again. Moreover, the software has great features like auto-responders, click-through-tracking among other features. This software is great for creating leadpages and landing pages.

Table tennis as a fun activity for transgenders

Who said transgender cannot have fun by playing ping pong. In some cultures, transgenders are discriminated. They form their own social circles and make strong relationships. Ping pong is one such fun activity they can enjoy. There is a limited number in the society limit them to make a team in a game that needs more than five members. Ping pong requires a maximum of two players to make a team. With technology, you can also play with a robot. Look at some ping pong robot brands here A stronger grip in their social forum makes them have fun and entertain themselves despite their gender physique.

Some of the fun activities include

Ping pong festivals

Ping pong festivals attract various stakeholders in the industry to come together for a common goal. Transgenders have the opportunity to sample some of the table tennis equipment from participants and even recruit more transgenders in their structured organizations. The festival will not be complete without a fierce stable tennis game from renowned players. They will learn some tactics and skills in the game ideal to enhance their gaming strategies.


Friendly competition among transgenders is a fun activity that boosts their confidence and motivates them to pursue their dream in ping pong game. A simple ping pong fun activity could be the beginning of a table tennis career among transgenders.

Concert with ping pong

Music and ping pong are creative art skills which complement one another. Just the same way we have renowned musicians who are ping pong players we can also have transgenders in the game. One can only tap this talent from a friendly tournament that has humor and fun before thy opt for championships after they sharpen the skills.

Ping pong team building session

Team building is a good forum to boost confidence levels and build personal traits ideal in corporate relations. Transgenders can have fun in team building sessions since it is the only place they are free and at liberty to be themselves as they have fun without being judged. The sessions can have them compete against each other, portraying various skills in the game. Some of the transgenders have some sense of humor that they portray in the gaming skills adding a touch of entertainment in the sessions.

Ping pong mentoring events

Table tennis is a game that needs to be nurtured and developed from an early age. Transgenders can organize for public sessions in form of ping pong games to pick the best talent and train them to become the best ping pong, players. In the course of this noble function, they have fun interacting with children and participants.

To have fun depends on your energy at that particular time. You need to have a positive energy when going out for a ping pong fun day as a transgender. You have the key to take charge of your life and gaming ability at this time. Due to different tastes among the players, just relate with your peers, before you even know it. You are having fun with them.


The love of transgender in cats

Have you seen a pet that you out rightly relate it to a specific gender, only to find it is the opposite? Pet lovers will always purchase a pet that is renowned for its special characters and the overall beauty. You may wish to have a certain gender as your pet, but its transgender nature makes you think otherwise. Just like children, you need not to worry. You train your cat to acquire the best characters and virtues. Cats toilet training is one major challenge in taming of pets. The female species are better in toilet training compared to their male counterparts. The incompatible gender nature makes you opt for a male one and ensure you go a step further in allowing him to acquire the right toilet training skills. Nevertheless, what is the value of pets in your home?

Pets give you company, you want to take a nature walk as a workout plan. You can take your cat to stretch its muscles while you also enhance your physical health. The wagging of its tail in appreciation improves your emotional health and uplifts your spirit.

They equip you with responsibility and accountability skills. You have to accommodate their interests in your plans. You have to feed, groom and take them for a walk without compromising on your work schedules. To achieve this you have to plan and prioritize your tasks. What a great time management skill.

Its presence in the home gives you a sense of appreciation and value of diversity in life. You accept their strengths, weaknesses and flaws as you also appreciate their importance in fighting crawling insects, frogs and snakes. This helps to improve your personality development as well as enhance your ability in social relations. Transgender in cats widens your cognitive development in handling pets as well as improve your mental ability in handling issues in life.


Why transgender people loves BBQ?

It would seem unlikely that there could be anyone out there who does not like Barbeque (BBQ). Just about everyone loves barbecued food. Transgender people may be different, yet they are still just people like us, and so there should be no explanation needed why they love barbecued food the way anyone else does. Barbecuing is the oldest cooking method in the world. Anyone can cook barbecue food, especially if they have a good smoker. All they need is are the right cuts of meat, the right spices, and a lot of patience.

Transgender People Frequently Partake In Barbeque Events

While it should not be surprising, nor is it unusual that transgender people love barbecue food like anyone else, it has been noted that many LGBTQ-centric events and occasions have barbecued food involved.

Back in July 2015, a “Transgender and SOFFA BBQ” was held at Loomiller Park in Longmont, Colorado in celebration of the 4th of July. Transgender people were invited to be a part of the event, along with their allies, family, friends and significant others. They were also requested to bring a dessert, non-alcoholic drink or side dish to share with the rest of the guests.

Back in July 2016, an annual “REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN ANGELS” BBQ was hosted by “The Trans Sistas of Color Project – Detroit” for the very first time at Palmer Park. A candle lighting ceremony and a remembrance ceremony were a part of the event. It is likely that the BBQ will be held once again this year, somewhere in July 2017.

So Why Does Anyone Love BBQ?

Apart from easy and inexpensive barbecuing is, people also love secured food, especially meat, because of how caramelized it becomes, and because of its sweet, smoky taste. The food aside, a BBQ event can be best described as cheerful, friendly, jovial and lively.

These words also best describe transgender people, and that is how they expect others to behave with them, so perhaps that is why they love barbecued food as well as hosting and being a part of BBQ events. Barbecue events are also an ideal place to make memories and remember older ones.

Of course, barbecue has a lot to do with the food as well. Humble cuts of meat, whether they are beef brisket, chicken, pork or sausage, are transformed into something outstanding. The balance of charred fat and pure tenderness, the dry rubs, and the smoky taste are things that cannot be achieved with any other method of cooking, especially if you are using a smoker.

Why Use A Smoker For Barbecuing?

Smoking may actually not be for everyone, but it has its perks. Make sure you and your guests are able to be patient if you decide to use a smoker for barbecuing because it will cook the meats and other food items are an extremely low heat, between 68� and 176� F.

The reason smokers cook the meats at such a low heat is to avoid fully smoking them. This ensures that not only does the smoke add flavor to the outside of the meat but also penetrates it. This way the meats and other food items are evenly cooked and taste distinctly smoky throughout.

For those who want their smaller cuts of meat to be flavorful and moist, they can fully cure and cook them beforehand, and then smoke them on the smoker at temperatures between 68� and 86� F. For larger cuts of meat, they can just fully cook them on the smoker, while making sure the temperature is above 126� and does not exceed 185� F.

Of course, smokers available these days can often be far easier to use. For instance, many modern day smokers are equipped with removable charcoal racks, so the coal used for smoking can be easily added and replaced as necessary.

Thus, you do not need a reason to love BBQ and barbecued food. Once you load up a plate of smoked meat and savor that smoky taste, you will instantly fall in love with this method of cooking. The next thing you will probably want to do is buy yourself a smoker too, and start hosting your own BBQ events for your family and friends.

#transvoices: Transgender American Veterans

After 14 years of military service, Evan Young was searching for community and found the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA). Now the organization’s President, Young is on a mission to help other trans veterans get fair and equal treatment.