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TAVA forming Chapters across the Country


In efforts to expand our organization, TAVA has begun forming Chapters in various states across the country. 

This not only gives a chance for transgender veterans to meet and discuss the issues facing each other when

 dealing with the local VA facilities, but a chance for TAVA to help in encouraging transgender veterans to take

 up leadership roles in their city or state.


Also, in areas of the country where there are no other GLBT veteransí organizations, the TAVA Chapter can

 serve as a gathering place for all GLBT veterans to discuss a wide range of issues, including repealing the

 Donít Ask, Donít Tell Law. The following are a list of states where chapters have already been formed, in the process of being formed or

there are interested in starting that process:



Click on the state initials to view TAVA State Chapter in that state 

Maine Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Tennessee Texas USA Map for TAVA Chapters

We currently have State Chapters already formed or in the process of being formed in 16 States, including: Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio,  California, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Washington, Arizona and  Colorado (so please visit again for updates)


For more information on TAVA Chapters, please contact TAVA National Board of Directors:

send an email to us by  clicking here.



A Special Request

TAVA Chapters need your help

We at the Transgender American Veterans Association, a 501(c)3 organization could use your help. We are trying to start up chapters in many states.

We are looking for people who have the qualities, to be not just in the back ground, but in the forefront as a Director, Assistant  Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Liasion. 

The chapters will be an advocacy for transgender veterans in their efforts to receive proper care and treatment from the VA and other veterans organizations.

Along with advocating for transgender people during times of natural disaster.  You don't have to be a veteran to be a member or hold a position. You don't have  to be a veteran, transgendered, nor GBLT to be involved in any way.  We welcome Allies, Associates, Medical Providers, Family and Friends to also be a part of our organization.  

All you need is a desire to help veterans who have served to protect this country and people that are facing difficult times during and after a statewide disaster.

Will you consider this and step forward and help us?
Thank you in advance,
TAVA National Board of Directors


Yahoo Groups

TAVA State Chapters Yahoo Groups

Transgender American Veterans Association, TAVA State Chapters are now available online. These Yahoo Groups are only available by invitation!  To join, click on the email address of your state and send an email to the list owner and an invitation will be sent your way.






















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