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V eterans A ssociation

For those of you who were unable to make it to DC, I want to share what my 'daughter' Abby wrote of her experience:

My trip to the Vietnam Memorial was indeed a life-altering experience.  With all that is happening in the world today, seeing those names etched into stone made it all the more tangible.  I can only imagine the plethora of emotions each of those soldiers felt; and the pain their families have had to endure over the years, is the same pain that families are experiencing now as the war rages in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It saddens my heart, but lifts my soul all at once to think of the pain as well as the sacrifice...the willingness these soldiers have, and have had in the past, to lay down their lives for the good of their country is a gift that should never be forgotten.  This poem is the result of my thoughts as I stood before the wall and felt the sheer magnitude of the results of war and conflict.....

Price of a Tear

Price of a tear,
value of life,
war torn countries
riddled with strife.

Brother, neighbor,
enemy, friend
each name represents
pain without end.

Thoughts, impressions,
memories untold,
unseen fears, the call to be bold.

Onward, upward
a soldiers cry,
Pleas for mercy,
no wish to die.

Prayers for safety,
prayers for relief,
bittersweet moments,
long lasting grief.

Price of a tear,
debt paid in full,
each life given freely
courageous young souls.

Price of a tear.

By Abigail Eileen Forester
May 1, 2004

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