T ransgender A merican
V eterans A ssociation

This was indeed a very emotional weekend.  It must have been even more so for the Committee who did such a marvelous job arranging and keeping things on track.  The honors afforded to us were unimaginable even a short time ago.  Who would have thought we would have a police escort. Brett did a super job as did the others in his group.
The time we spent at The Wall was most emotional for many of us, especially when we see the names of those we know.  The only term that applies to this place is "Hallowed Ground".  Thank you to all who leant me a shoulder to cry on.  We leaned on each other which is what Comrades in Arms should do.  We know without a doubt now there are others who will watch our backs as we watch theirs.  Once again, a disparate group of people have come together and formed a bond that only those who have served can possibly know.
I put some pictures on the Yahoo Group.  I hope all of you who supported us in spirit will get some of the thrill we did.

Blessings on you all
Thank you

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