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Letter and Donation for Katrina victims - from Retired AF Major Laura Meeks

(RECEIVED SEP 20 2005)

Dear Monica, Angela, and TAVA members,

It makes me proud to see that TAVA is doing something for the community after Katrina.  I have searched the web and have found no other gender organization that even mentions support for Katrina.  None of the national gender activist groups or support sites even mention the disaster!  If I was a marine, I would give you a "HOOAHH".  But I am Air Force and so I just say "up up and away!!!   Thanks!

I am enclosing a check as a donation for you to give support to those gender blessed members of our country involved in the hurricane.   I saw the report of the girl arrested at Texas A&M!  I wrote the paper and found out that a gender supportive clinic in Houston helped her out!   Thanks goes out to them.  Members of our gender community need our help and if we can't help them, who will?  We should have been the first to help her but sadly the most used gender sites offered no connection to help.

We all seem so wrapped up in our own world sometimes.  It is such a pleasure to see this organization make such a positive contribution to the country!   I marched with you the first year and sadly was moving to CA this year.   I hope to be with you again. I used to live south of DC and now I am out in Palm Springs, CA.

When people see TAVA give to the Hurricane Relief, they can see we are helpers not hurters.  They will gain a much more positive view of gender.  We are not what we say but rather what we do!

Thanks for helping me find a way to help.

Laura Meeks

(Note from the Webmaster:  Laura's donation was $1000.00)

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