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Veteran Administration (VA) Incident Report

Over the years, we have all heard stories about VA facilities mistreating, or even not treating our veterans.  TAVA would like to start compiling a file of these incidents and address them to the appropriate people, either in the VA or in Congress.  In order to better address these problems, TAVA has created the following report form to help us help our veterans address these incidents. 

In order for TAVA to address these incidents correctly, we will need accurate, and in some cases, verifiable information.  This could come in the form of documents in your records, or from a letter they sent you.  The following TAVA report form was designed to get that process started.  All the areas on the form are required to be filled out so we can follow up with the appropriate people, showing them hard facts.  We cannot help you resolve your issue if we do not have accurate information. 

This report form cannot be submitted if some of the information has been omitted.  However, your name, address and other contact information will not be used or revealed to anyone unless it is absolutely necessary to resolve this incident and you give us permission to do so.  The people who can help TAVA resolve these incidents are not about to do anything based on rumors, hearsay or unverifiable information. 

Please fill out the form and hit “Send” when complete.  We will contact you when we receive this form and if further information is needed from you.  If you wish to mail the report form in, then print it out and mail it to the above address with all other appropriate documents. 

Please keep in mind that TAVA will do its best to help you resolve this issue, but we cannot guarantee that it will be fixed.   


Some of the more frequent incidents we receive are:

·        Refusal of any or all services based on Gender Identity Disorder (GID) diagnosis.

·        Refusal of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prior or after Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS).

·        Refusal of psychotherapy treatment based on GID diagnosis, before or after SRS.

·        Refusal of existing services after GID diagnosis is revealed.

·        Disrespectful, insulting, threatening or harassing treatment based on GID diagnosis.


Please provide the following information, the (*) indicates an option that has to be completed. This information is for TAVA files only.

The more information provided, the better TAVA can help:


*First Name  
*Last Name  
Street Address
Address (cont.)
State/Province Zip/Postal Code   
*Telephone   Ext        
*VA Facility/ Hospital/ Clinic of Complaint  
*Location of VA Facility (listed above)  
*Telephone number of VA Facility (listed above)  
Names of Doctors, Nurses or others involved in the Incident
*Are you a member of TAVA?  

    Details of the incident: 500 word max. (Please be very concise about this incident. Do not expand by giving the whole story leading up to the incident. When we need you to expand upon this, we will contact you. Having copies of you medical records and letters they sent you will help facilitate our investigation.)



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