Ann Marie Knittel

Board Member at Large

Ann Marie Knittel was born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y. Ann graduated from St. Lucy’s Academy High School in 1970 and earned an Associate’s Degree in Executive Business Administration from the University of Southern California at Berkeley in 1974. Ann earned a Doctorate in Theology from Southeastern Bible Institute in Lakeland, Florida in 1978.

An Army Veteran, Ann served in the United States Army from 1970 – 1973.  Her assignments included the United States Army Recruiting Station, Syracuse, N.Y., as well as the Pentagon.

An activist for many years, Ann has worked on many issues including environmental, liberal and democratic platforms dating back to the 19060’s. She has served as an advisory board member for the Model Cities Agency and volunteered for Crusades for Opportunities. She also worked for Bobby Kennedy’s campaign office.

Through the 1980’s and 1990’s Ann worked on a variety of issues at the state level, effecting positive changes in the state of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma

In 2000 Ann moved to Madison, Wisconsin where she became involved in LGBT issues and activities on a voluntary basis. From 2001 to 2006 she served as a volunteer at Outreach LGBT Center.

In 2003, Ann joined TAVA and soon after was elected to the Board of Directors where she remains today. Upon moving to Cleveland, Tennessee in 2006, Ann helped secure grants and corporate money to open an LGBT center in the north east section of Chattanooga. Ann has subsequently worked in several local government positions including county sheriff’s department and the board of education.

A strong advocate of personal rights and freedoms, Ann has presented on numerous issues relating to various issues at conferences and seminars.

Ann is proud of the fact that she been a resident or visitor of 46 states, 15 foreign countries and Canada in her life time.

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