T ransgender A merican
V eterans A ssociation

VA reviewing policy against transsexual surgery
Transgender vets a hidden population
Angela Brightfeather - Drill Sergeant

TAVA’s VP Honored by Q-Notes

Transgender Veteran Makes History
Transsexual wins lawsuit against Library of Congress

The Palm Center Releases Press Release on TAVA Survey

The Forgotten Veterans

Library of Congress trans bias trial begins

VA system issues memo on treating trans vets

Beyond Don't Ask, Don't Tell

New Life, New Name, New Gender

Transgender veterans seek parity in VA services


Vietnam Vet Finds Peace Through Transitioning

First Event 2007 Conference
Transgendered Air Force veteran helps others with sex identity issues

Transgender Veterans On the Move


TransNation - Gulf War vet and transwoman takes on House Majority Whip in Missouri primary

Transgender Vets Group Launches Here

TAVA Sponsors the Transcending Boundaries and Northeast Regional PFLAG Conference


Transcending Boundaries and Northeast Regional PFLAG Conference

Transgendered American Veterans Laud Federal Court's Okay for ACLU Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit
Ohio is First to Form Transgender Veterans Group
Tennessee and Wisconsin next in line

Thank you letter from Nashville Public Schools on Katrina Donation

Letter and Donation for Katrina victims - from Retired AF Major Laura Meeks

National Center for Transgender Equality
Media Adisory

Transgendered vets to ‘march’ on Washington
Scripps Howard News Service
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The Stewards of Gay Washington

House Veterans Affairs Committee Adopts Sliding Scale For Enrollment Fees And Nixes Doubling Co-Pays

VA Rewrites Rulebook

Honor America's Commitment To Veterans

Prayer For Peace

Chapel Hill

Pending Promotion

Nomination Of MG Robert T. Clark

Study: Sexual Identity Hard-wired By Genetics

Controversial White House Nominee Declines To Meet With National Veterans Group

Pfc. Winchell's Mom Meets With Gen. Clark

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